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We aim to promote the use of mediation + other productive

means of resolving conflicts to nurture collaboration, restore communication + strengthen  corporate + community partnerships

both internally + externally.



Corporate/ Internal Mediation


Which type of mediation is right for you and your organization?

Civil Mediation

When people have a dispute over issues in a civil matter, mediation can help the parties reach a resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner. A trained, impartial mediator can assist the parties in talking and working things out. The result may not be a perfect resolution, but it is one that the parties have determined and accepted. Mediation provides a safe environment for the parties to discuss the underlying issues and reasons for the parties’ positions should the parties feel comfortable in doing so.

Community Mediation

Community mediation is an opportunity for individuals, groups, or organizations in conflict to have a conversation with the goal of peaceful resolution that is facilitated by a trained, neutral mediator in a safe, confidential, and efficient manner. Mediation is an alternative to avoidance, destructive confrontation, prolonged litigation, or violence. It allows people in conflict to take responsibility for the resolution of their dispute and control the outcome. Community mediation preserves individual interests while strengthening relationships, organizations, and building connections between people and groups.

Corporate/Internal Mediation

Conflict within organizations can be extraordinarily costly: low morale, unhappy stakeholders, wasted resources and projects falling apart. Left unchecked, conflicts can fester, cause serious dysfunction and prevent an organization from achieving its potential. There’s huge value in taking a proactive approach to conflicts and disputes — before they lead to grievances and lawsuits. Mediating disputes involving co-workers, unions and management, boards, clients and more can help to stabilize and strengthen organizations and do so in a private and confidential manner.



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